Tony "Coach T" Cortese

"Coach T" is a lifelong baseball player, coach and student of the game. He was born in Chicago, growing up going to Wrigley Field watching the Cubs, and playing Little League.  A graduate and baseball team member of Rocky Mountain High School (perennial state champions), Tony next went into the United States Marine Corps.  He has coached multiple successful AA and AAA-major competitive teams, boasting among other championships, the Triple Crown Memorial Day tournament and Triple Crown Steamboat Mountain Magic tournament. Tony also played in the MSBL, C Comp Softball traveling teams, and Senior Baseball teams. He is a martial artist, and is very knowledgeable in body mechanics and how they apply to baseball. He coaches each player as an individual, focused on strengths and fundamentals. He has trained and coached many high school, college and drafted players over the years. Serving as Head C team coach, Hitting Coach and a Mental Skills Coach for Fossil Ridge High School, Loveland High School and many different Club teams including Latin League Team Potros.

The "Image Positive" approach is about the Attitude, Effort and Energy you bring to the game. Its a visualization of success, and work hard/learn fast mentality.  Team before individual outlook, encouraging leadership and positive chemistry among the players. When playing with tension, anxiety and pressure, the game speeds up. When playing with calmness, understanding, toughness and focus, the game slows down. Trust your training and teammates. Progress and growth daily is the objective, "What am I working on today and how did I do."
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Shout out to my son:

I want to give a shout out to my son, AJ. He is my pride and joy and my hero!  He has shown me what true commitment, dedication, and focus really mean!  He works extremely hard and has an absolutely great attitude!  He's a student of the game - always looking to get better.  I am beyond words proud of him and I hope to always make him proud of me."  - Coach T